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A group of students from Fontys Hogeschool Automotive and the Automotive Center of Excellence (ACE) is continuously studying and working at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. They are specializing in a number of fields and make use of the testing centers.


Fontys Automotive College

A group of students from Fontys Automotive College carrying out their studies is continuously present at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. Students perform research studies and specialise in a number of fields during their 3rd and 4th academic years. While doing so, they use the test centres that already exist on campus. The combination of research, led by a top professional (teacher as supervisor) at a company that pioneers in its field, ensures that the student is always engaged in real-life projects. Within the automotive domain, there is a focus on research and development for operating systems, electronic systems, and drivetrains and powertrains; attention also goes to reducing engine emissions and vehicle dynamics.



ACE (Automotive Centre of Expertise)

ACE is the partnership between the Automotive courses at Arnhem and Nijmegen College (HAN), Rotterdam College, the Fontys colleges and businesses. The name ‘ACE’ says it all: this is the centre where all the expertise in the automotive field comes together.

The main purpose of ACE is to increase the number of new automotive students to meet the sector’s increasing demand. By offering a talent program with unique projects and high-level research, ACE students are prepared for a multi-faceted automotive profession. Companies can bring their issues to ACE, where ACE students, in collaboration with the company, can get to work on them. Through this interaction, businesses get in touch with the highly trained engineers they need at an early stage.

The Automotive Campus in Helmond, right in the middle of the Brainport Region, is the national and international hotspot, meetingplace and a potential businesslocation for automotive business. De Automotive Campus offers an attractive environment for learning- and working, a state of the art technology and related (test-) facilities as well as flexible residential concepts.(click here)


Automotive Campus
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