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Automotive TshirtThe availability of qualified employees is vitally important to the future of the Dutch automotive industry. The automotive training from MBO (vocational) through to university level meets this need.
The Automotive Campus focuses primarily on research, development and testing activities, but also wants to offer a context-rich learning environment for automotive students.
Branches of training institutes at various levels (vocational, technical and university) have already been established at the Campus. They each exemplify the Dutch culture of "out of the box" thinking, to offer students the best preparation for working in an open and innovative environment. In additional, the Campus facilitates many learning pathways, workshops and training for automotive professionals.
The undergraduate and graduate training programs that are involved and present on site work together seamlessly and have been set up in collaboration with the business world. From the M.A.C. (MBO Automotive Center) and the ACE (Automotive Centre of Expertise) to the Technical University Eindhoven, the only university in the world with a bachelor, master and post-doctoral program in Automotive Engineering. The result is an exceptionally qualified employment potential to draw from.


The Automotive Campus in Helmond, right in the middle of the Brainport Region, is the national and international hotspot, meetingplace and a potential businesslocation for automotive business. De Automotive Campus offers an attractive environment for learning- and working, a state of the art technology and related (test-) facilities as well as flexible residential concepts.(click here)


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