Innovam provides trainingen for the mobility industry. They also develop teaching materials and methods for automotive education institutes.
Innovatiehuis De Peel
A network organization in which entrepreneurs, governments and (knowledge) institutions work together on innovation in De Peel. "Cooperation on Innovation by Innovation on Cooperation" is our motto.
Jumbo Groenewegen
Group Jumbo Groenewegen produces high quality trailers and semi-trailers
a flexible and market-oriented organisation specialising in customised and serial solutions for the transport sector
M.A.C. - MBO Automotive Center
The M.A.C. encourages innovation in the professional development of its students, focusing on professional technique and attitude
Mirai Data
MIRAI DATA is focused on innovating autonomous vehicle systems and providing sector-related services and technologies.
MST Groep
an ambitious and innovative development team that passionately optimises complex projects within mobile engineering
NCAD manages and unlocks a unique archive in the automotive and traffic history area from 1888. It contains a million press photographs, brochures, magazines, books and workshop manuals.