Finding passage for sustainable projects with social importance. Ysubsidie connects sustainable projects to grants so that realization becomes financially feasible. This is how we make positive impact
Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners
Is a business and financial consulting firm that assists the SME entrepreneur with strategy formulation,arranging financing needs, with business valuation and acquisition
Proxima Technology
Proxima Technology balances the project management between local engineering and outsourcing model by being within EU laws, which makes us a unique business partner.
EMX Powertrain
EMX Powertrain is a manufacturer of electric motocross bikes. They also develop, manufacture and supply high performance electric powertrains for the offroad and road light vehicle industry.
Holland High Tech
As one of the top sectors, Holland High Tech provides economic and social results. They provide inspiration and connect people.
Battery Competence Center
The Battery Competence Center is an innovation program where various companies, knowledge institutions and public organizations collaborate to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and vessel
Almost nothing changes as fast as the mobility and automotive industry. SEKISUI in Europe is at the forefront of this evolution, supporting customers with high-quality materials and innovative product
Vaulut is a technology company that builds decentralized economic infrastructure for the Internet of Things